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Rowing Boat Repair

As well as surveying, I sometimes get asked to do repairs.  This boat suffered damage at a rowing regatta, effectively being t-boned by another boat. 

The first photo shows the area with the damaged material removed.  You can see that it’s sandwich construction with an inner carbon fibre sheet, then the honeycomb core material, an outer layer of fibreglass woven roving with the gelcoat on top. 

The second photo shows the area with the carbon damaged bridged and some filler inserted (it was too small a repair to merit putting core material back in). 

The final photo shows it post gel-coating and smoothing. 

I should point out that it needed repaired quickly hence why I’ve used the closest off-the-shelf grey gelcoat; the correct RAL colour is 3 weeks away.  With the correct colour and time invested the repair would be almost invisible.