Marine Surveying for Leisure Vessels

Leisure Vessel Surveys

Mark McCrea can meet all your survey needs. Member of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology since 2004. Commenced surveying in 2008. Full Prof Indemnity insurance.

The main types of leisure vessel surveys are as follows:


Condition or 'Insurance' Surveys

Usually requested by the vessel’s insurer to ascertain the risk of loss of the vessel. The common items for inspection are available on the Terms and Conditions document which is available on request.

Click here to view sample condition survey report


Damage Surveys

Usually requested by the vessel’s insurer to ascertain the extent of the damage and the likely cost of repair.  The items for inspection are normally limited to the vicinity of the damaged area(s).

Pre-Purchase Survey

Usually requested by the potential buyer of a vessel once a deposit has been paid.  Its purpose is to provide the potential buyer with sufficient information on the condition of the vessel so that they can decide whether to complete, decline or re-negotiate the contract.  The common items for inspection are listed in the table at Para 2.

Click here to view sample pre-purchase survey report


Compliance Surveys

Usually requested by an owner or operator in order to determine a vessel’s compliance against specific regulations.  Examples are a harbour or navigation authority requiring compliance with the Boat Safety Scheme, or the Maritime and Coastguard Agency requiring compliance with their codes.  Here, the regulations/rules/code determine what items are inspected.
Terms, Conditions & Survey Preparations

Please familiarise yourself with my terms and conditions, as well as the preparations required ready for survey of your vessel, by requesting a copy of the current Terms and Conditions document.